Our Mission

The mission of The Compass is to promote the global understanding of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, and other boundaries that separate people. We work to accomplish this goal by fostering creativity and individuality, and by providing educational resources to the international community to he broaden people's perspectives. 

Our Values

  • Providing truthful, accurate, ethical, and insightful information

  • Synthesizing creativity

  • Engaging new perspectives, ideas, and civil discourse

  • Fostering communities of understanding between different groups of people

  • Encouraging cultural awareness

  • Promoting education

Peruvian Dance


If you have any further questions or would like to know how to get involved with our program, please email website.the.compass@gmail.com or visit our contact page.

Kate Wexell
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Kate is a student and piano teacher from the St. Louis metropolitan area.In addition, she is a writer and photographer who would like to use her talents to spread awareness about culture, identity, religion, history, and language so that people can experience different perspectives.


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Lubna Khanam

Submission Reader and Editor

Lubna Khanam is presently residing in the Indian city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Lubna is an engineering graduate, writer, traveler and author of the book “A Bolt of Enchantment.” She had an immense passion towards writing since childhood, which led her to pursue it as a career. She enjoys leafing through books and travelling to new places.

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Olivia Delgado

Submission Reader

Olivia Delgado holds a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing/English. Her work has been published in the anthology Hidden Lights, Penmen Review, Harness Magazine, Groupie Mag, and Voicemail Poems to name a few. She currently resides in her home state of Texas where she works on crafting new poems and short stories. 

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Mandeep Kaur

Submission Reader

Mandeep Kaur is an author, entrepreneur, lecturer and a PhD Research Scholar in English. Her area of research is narrating strategies of R. K. Narayan. She has an empathy for the human condition, the light and the dark of it, and she uses the full palette to build her excellent stories, poems and quotes. She writes in an ambient and eloquent language most appealing to her writers. She has won many awards and certificates in her writing journey.

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Isaac Smith
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Social Media Manager

Isaac Smith is a Winthrop University Alumnus based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Smith graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Mass Communication with a concentration in broadcast journalism with a minor in human resource management as a first-generation college student. Smith is from a little town called Darlington, South Carolina.